Will Geer as Grandpa Walton
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This is one of my favorite Walton Memories!

What a joy it was to always see the family joined around the table at mealtime.

In The Decade of The Waltons we learn from Earl Hamner that it was... Will Geer who started the custom of joining hands during the saying of grace at meals!

Will Geer lit up the screen
as Grandpa Walton!

He had a Sparkle in His Eyes
and a Spring in His Step!

Grandpa was always a Joy to Watch~
Because you never knew what to Expect!

He was Fun,
yet Inspirational, too!

Grandpa could be so versatile...

Refined with the Baldwin Sisters,

Dignified in his Suit at Church,


Working in the Mill with John,

and Walking on Walton's Mountain

In his trademark overalls.

More than Anything,

it was clear ~

that Grandpa loved Grandma

and all of his family more than anything

else on earth!

Goodnight Grandpa!