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Walton Fans - Share Your Favorite Episodes / Cast Members (below)

First, answer these questions to find out if you are a true Walton FAN...
1. Do you know their lines by heart before they say them?
2. Do you sit on the edge of your chair when Grandpa tells a story?
3. Do you tap your foot or sing-a-long when Jason starts playing his guitar?
4. Do you feel sad when you hear everyone at the end of the show say goodnight?
5. Do you hum the Waltons theme song throughout your day?

If you said Yes to any of these Questions...
then You and I and All Walton Fans are extended members of the Walton Family!!!

If you want to share your Favorite Walton's Episodes / Characters - please see information at the end of this web-page. 

"My Favorite Walton is" :

All of them, but if I had to choose...

"Grandpa! I so enjoy watching him sing and dance! He is filled with so much life and joy! It is so amazing to listen to him tell stories with his great dramatics!"
~ Drew's Auntie from Frankfort, Indiana USA

"I had two favorite characters: Olivia and John. If only all families could have that calibre of loving parents this world would be peaceful and a better place in which to live!"
~ CJ from Wilmington, Delaware USA

"Ideally, I'd like to say I relate to "Liv" or John Boy but in reality, I'm probably much more akin to Cora Beth - she had her good moments too, every once in a while!!!"
~ Kimberley from Kentucky (my Cousin!)

"Let's see favorite character, it's so harrrrddd to pick just one, I mean when I was little and watching them for the first time I LOVED John-Boy(the REAL one, Richard Thomas of course) and Elizabeth, well she was my age and I loved to pretend I was her. But now that I'm older I would have to say Elizabeth is still my favorite but Jason is awesome! I love to listen to him play."

"My Favorite Walton: are 2 people, Olivia Walton, who was so loving and a wonderful mother. (I would like to be more like her) and John Boy, I just loved his charisma. His charm. A wonderful actor. I loved all the cast, especially grandpa and grandma. And John, the father, who was strong, took care of his family. You could feel safe and secure in his arms."
~Connie of North Carolina USA

"As far as my favorite Walton, JOHN WALTON, without a doubt! I just love this gentle man, not only the character but the actor who portrayed him so realistically as well. Like all Walton fans, I love them all so much, especially Will Geer for he was, is and always will be Grandpa Walton! But it's John Walton whom I absolutely adore! Ralph Waite breathed life into John Walton and made him seem so real. "Daddy" John was such a hard working man who genuinely loved his family more than anything - a caring and loving father as well as a very devoted husband.
And because of him, I could watch The Waltons 24/7!"
~Robin (A Walton Fan For Life)

"When I watched the series back in the 1970s, John Boy was my favorite and is still a very special character to me as is Grandpa Walton. I think now as I watch and re-watch The Waltons, I don't have a specific favorite character. I think all of them, their neighbors, Ike's Store and the Walton's Mountain itself give me a special feeling of "going home" to see old friends. To me, it is the most spectacular series ever on television."
~Michelle, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

"Choosing only one favorite is like deciding between water or food. They all held an important role. The entire collection of the cast is what made the Waltons come to life. The children interacted so well together - "whether fighting or playing-  it was almost like watching your own siblings at times. John and Olivia represent the parents we all wish we’d had and later aspired to be ourselves. Grandma and Grandpa were the epitome of “grandparent royalty”. They were a complimentary blend of stubbornness and gentleness. Their shared life experiences produced enough wisdom to guide a humble family through some tough times. “Good-Night” can never again be spoken without remembrance of the Waltons. Their story gave so many great joy and served as a balm for some whose hearts had forgotten how joy felt. Their story will forever be in my heart and serve to remind me that once there was a time, even in the midst of hardship, when all seemed well with the world."
~Catie from Georgia

"Impossible to choose only one! Both Olivia and Eron are my favourites, i enjoy watching both of them. Olivia reminds me so much of my own mother: her strength, her kindness, also her standing up for herself when needed. That and she is really beautiful of course, but in a realistic way.

Erin was such a kind person, almost an obvious middle child, surrounded by others who are all something: the baby, the nurse, the writer, the musician. First unawares of her beauty, later a young woman who is proud and kind-hearted."

I cherish "The Waltons", because it reminds me so much of my mother and her family and the stories she would share when she was growing up.  If I had to choose a favorite character it would certainly be "John Boy".  His love for books and writing inspired myself to be the same way - I love books and I love to write.  Thanks to Mr. Earl Hamner Jr. for sharing his writings and talents with the world. 
~Vanessa, North Carolina  USA



"My Favorite Walton Episode is" :

All of them, but if I had to choose...

"The Graduation"- how special John-Boy's big day is to everyone. What a special moment it is when he gives up his brand new suit to buy a new cow for the family and the women stay up late making John-Boy a new suit out of Grandpa's old one. A beautiful story about love, family, and sacrifice! I also love "The Pony Cart" with Martha Corinne and "The Anniversary" when John builds the gazebo for Olivia and the family joins them up on the mountain to sing.
Oh, I love them all!"
~ Drew's Auntie from Frankfort, Indiana USA

"Favorite episode~ Well of the original episodes, not movies, probably the first one where they find the little girl on their steps. ("The Foundling", 1972) It has one of my all time favorite lines Elizabeth says to John after considering the fact that they found this little girl on thier steps "Daddy, where DID you find me?" and John replies with that crinkly smile(my dad looks like him when he smiles) "hiding behind one of your Mama's smiles" I get all gooey eyed just remembering it. As for the movies, the most recent one where Drew and Elizabeth get engaged!!!!
(I can't wait for another one!!)

"My favorite Walton shows are "The Carnival" , "The Actress", and the very best show was "The Journey", when John-Boy takes Maggie McKenzie to see the ocean before she dies. Maggie reminds me of a woman I knew as a young girl,"spit- fire and sugar", I still treasure her voice and even the "smell" of her home - my children and grandchildren enjoy my stories, I base my lifestyle on "my Tanna". Earl Hamner's writings take me back to the good parts of my past,
I cannot get enough of the Waltons!"
~Bonnie Jo from New Jersey, USA

"My Favorite Walton episode is all of them but the one that really touched me today when I watched it was "The Achievement", when John-Boy decides to go to New York to live and he tells John, Olivia and Grandpa as they are sitting on the front porch before bedtime. Of course they are all sad but knew this day would come as it does in every childs life. At the end John-Boy is alone outside looking up at the house and listening to everyone say goodnight and he whispers "Goodnight everyone I love you". Watching it gave me chills and I cried...this TV show really touched and shaped my life. I love all of them and I never tire of watching the Walton's.
Thank you and Goodnight!"
~Terry from West Virginia, USA

 "I think it is impossible to isolate one episode as a favourite. So I
have selected five! The Ferris Wheel, The Search, The Caretakers, The
Day of Infamy, The Cradle. Do I really have to stop at 5?? Wonderful show!"
~Julie from Belleville, Ontario, CANADA

"On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best), ALL but 2 or 3 of the episodes are at least a 7. There are maybe a dozen which I consider especially great. My ONE favorite however, has to be "The Pony Cart." That, more than any other, identifies the theme of honoring the past. When Martha Corrinne gives away her treasures to each member of the family, and later, when John-Boy takes her to visit the old home place, and finally as the camera shows her looking upward to Heaven the moment before she dies (we assume) . . . well, I've probably seen that one a hundred times, and I never fail to reach for a hankie! There's so much more I could say. "The Waltons" was the greatest family program ever produced."
~Ralph (The Elf Himself)

"There are too many good episodes for me to have one Favorite. However, The Best Christmas---the girl who gave me Erin the cat was born two days after thisepisode initially aired. The Fulfillment--the girl who would become my 'adopted sister' was born the dayafter this episode initially aired. The Last Ten Days--summarizes what had been taking place throughout the series---the Depression followed by the Great War and its conclusion. The Yearning---Rev Andy who is an only child wants Elizabeth to be his sister--and I who am an only child have a friend whom I can call my adopted sister'"
~Donald from Texas

"I haven't seen all the episodes, but I can think of two or three that really had me reach out for those tissues and i keep watching all the time. I have seen all the episodes up to season four and i am starting season five this very evening! The Cradle is one of those true favourites. The idea of the Waltons having another baby, the inner dilemma of Olivia, the excitement of all the children and the heartache when all falls through: beautiful. The Competition is another one, again all about babies, but also about Erin and her first real encounter with love. The jealousy between the two sisters is almost painful to watch, knowing full well they are hurting each other. The way things are alright again for both of them in the end is excellent tissue-material."

"The Easter Story" is probably one of my favorites; when Olivia is diagnosed with polio.  I could feel her pain, but also rejoiced with her in her miraculous healing.  With each episode, I travel to a time when life didn't seem so hectic; when family, friends, and church were important; and life was taken one day at a time.  Oh, that life were like that today, I believe the world would be a better place.
~Vanessa, North Carolina USA



Feel like John-Boy and Share with other Walton fans who your favorite Walton is and your all-time favorite Episode! I know it is very difficult task to just pick one, but if you'd like to share your thoughts, just e-mail me, Drew's Auntie with the Subject: Walton Family. In a couple of lines or more - write who you like best and why. You may also include a couple lines about your favorite episode, and I will post them here on this very page ~ below! Please include a nickname or first name (only) with your e-mail of Favorites... Along with your State, Province, or Country.

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I am very excited to see everyone's thoughts and ideas ~ so please E-Mail Me today!!! Thank You and Goodnight Walton Family!

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